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How to choose the right motorcycle helmet

Safety should be a crucial concern for motorcyclists in Tennessee. In addition to following all rules and regulations, choosing the right motorcycle helmet is imperative to keeping you and any passengers safe. But how can you be sure that a particular helmet is good for you? offers advice on the different types of helmets available and which ones offer the highest level of protection.

3 Motorcycle Safety Tips

For motorcyclists in Tennessee, there is nothing better than being on the open road. However, along with this feeling of fun and adventure is a serious risk of injury. That’s why it’s crucial for all motorcyclists to take the proper precautions to prevent serious accidents and injuries from occurring. Consumer Reports offers the following tips, which can be helpful to new riders as well as seasoned pros.

Fiery wreck halts motorcycle convoy in Fall Branch

One of the primary dangers that motorcyclists in Shelby face is not being seen by others on the road. In most motorcycle accidents there is never any malicious intent involved, but rather a simple failure to do one's due diligence in ensuring that no one is traveling in the lane that they want to turn or merge into. It is easy for entire cars to disappear into another vehicle's blind spot; imagine, then, how much more difficult it may be for one to not see a motorcycle driving in the same area. Should one proceed to make a maneuver on the road with a motorcycle traveling in said blind spot, it may be easy to assume who would get the worst of were the two vehicles to collide. 

Reviewing Tennessee's helmet law

There may be many motorcyclists in Shelby who would rather ride their bikes around unencumbered by a helmet. Riding a motorcycle offers a unique feeling of freedom, so it may be understandable why some would view the helmet as hindering that freedom. Yet according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Tennessee ranks among the 19 states that require all riders to wear helmets. Taking the legal aspect of the argument out of the conversation, however, one can still at least two major reasons why one would want to wear a helmet while traveling on his or her bike: safety and liability. 

Is lane splitting safe?

Spring is just around the corner, and for countless Tennesseeans, that can only mean one thing: adventures on the road. There is no activity quite like motorcycling; with the fresh breeze whipping through the wind and bright, sunny skies ahead, it is easy to see why so many cyclists flock to the state's breathtaking valleys. When it comes to safety, some aspects of motorcycle riding are simply indisputable, but are others safer than some might think?

The most common dangers of motorcycling

This winter season may be a long one, but motorcycle enthusiasts across Tennessee are eagerly awaiting fresh spring air and long, open roads. Even though the pure joy of riding outweighs the risks, many riders have faced tough times after an accident. Fortunately, state law protects motorcyclists from distracted and dangerous drivers, but there are other hazards to watch out for.

Reviewing Tennessee's hand signal laws

As a motorcyclist in Shelby, you know full well just how difficult it can be to share the road with other vehicles. Like many of those that we here at The Gold Law Firm have assisted in the past, your difficulties may not be due to your own driving tendencies, but rather those of other motorists. Drivers sometimes tend to overlook motorcyclists and not respect their place on the road. When accidents involving such drivers do happen, they often tend to deflect the blame on to the motorcyclists, claiming that they were recklessly weaving in and out of traffic without warning. You should be prepared to counter such a claim. 

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