Cell phones are only one type of distraction in driving

Since cell phones have become such a prevalent part of our culture, we don’t usually think of any other significant risk for distracted driving. We blame it all on the smart phone.

However, while smart phones remain at the top of the list, there are numerous potential distractions while driving. It is important to understand the various distractions so you can stay safe and avoid serious accidents.

Three Types of Distractions While Driving

Driving distractions generally fall into three main categories:

Cognitive: Cognitive involves anything that takes up your brain’s focus. Thinking about something emotional or complex, communicating verbally or any number of other activities can fall into this category.

Visual: The visual distractions include – obviously – anything that distracts your sight. Looking at sights on the road, looking at things in the car or on the dashboard, or looking at any other items could cause a serious visual distraction.

Manual: Anything that requires use of your hands or feet can be a manual distraction. There are countless examples of manual distractions, including eating in the car, playing with the radio or other in-dash controls, taking care of children’s’ needs or other similar activities.

Smart Phones Really Are the Most Distracting

One interesting thing to note is that smart phone use includes all three types of distractions. When sending texts or surfing the internet, you are using your cognitive focus to think about what you’re doing, your visual focus to see what you’re doing and your manual focus to actually work the screen.

So please be careful with cell-phones and be aware of all the ways you can be distracted while driving. We forget this, but driving is a very dangerous activity if we’re careful. Use caution on the road and avoid distraction.

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