Were You Injured In A Friend's Car?

If you're out riding in a friend's car and you are injured in a crash, it raises a real quandary:

How Do You Sue Your Friend?

Your first thoughts are likely to be, "Fred is my man. I don't want to make matters worse for him. In the name of friendship, I won't file a claim."

This is a wise approach, if all you suffered was a scratch or bump on the head. But it gets more complicated if your injury was serious:

  • If you are going to miss work because of your injury
  • If you aren't able to work at the same job anymore
  • If your kids aren't going to eat because you made this noble gesture
  • If the medical bills keep coming, but the paychecks have stopped

So How Should You Think About A Claim?

We suggest this way of thinking:

  • Your friend is carrying insurance for good reasons. It's the law, and it's the right thing to do.
  • Your friend does not want you to suffer to spare him.
  • Your friend would face the same choice in your place, would think the same thoughts and in the end make the same choice.

We have an insurance system precisely to cover this kind of event. Insurance insulates us from going to war over car accidents. Your friend understands that, and so should you.

Once you file a claim, things get less personal. It will be your attorney — The Gold Law Firm, hopefully — against your friend's insurance company lawyers. You won't even play a role, unless we go to trial, which seldom happens.

And remember this: Your friend's insurance rates don't go up because you filed a claim. They go up because his insurance company knows he was involved in an accident. So you might as well file your claim.

Your Friend Understands ~ And So Should You

For more about deciding whether to sue, talk to attorney David Gold at The Gold Law Firm in Memphis, TN. His experience in these kinds of accidents can guide you to do the right thing. Call 901-303-8619, toll free 800-610-9622. Or drop us a line.