Is The BIGGER Law Firm Always BETTER?

There is one thing that LARGE personal injury law firms have that we do not have: huge overhead. We don't spend MILLIONS of dollars advertising each year. We don't have 28 attorneys and 35 paralegals and 30 case managers. We don't have 40 secretaries. Each of our lawyers knows our clients on a first name basis. Your initial face to face contact with our firm will be with a lawyer, not a runner or an "investigator" whose job is to sign you up. Sure, we have 3 paralegals who assist our 4 lawyers with routine matters, but, when you hire the Gold Law Firm, a lawyer is responsible for every aspect of your case, not a case manager. Who do you want responsible for your case? A case manager from a LARGE law firm or a lawyer from the Gold Law Firm?

Some of the large accident and injury law firms have attorneys who are very competent and who try cases. However, many large firms hire as many graduates fresh out of law school and pay them to "push paper" but they have little or no court experience. When you consider hiring a lawyer, ask her or him when was the last time they tried a case before a jury. If the answer is never or a long time ago, you probably should not hire that lawyer.

The attorneys at the Gold Law Firm have tried over 50 cases to verdict in both State and Federal Court. Our goal is to help you recover from your accident-related injuries and provide you with money for pain and suffering. Because we don't have the HUGE overhead of larger firms, our experienced attorneys do our best to put money in the pockets of our clients, instead of paying for lots of advertising.