Kelly in Blytheville

In June of 2019, my car was hit by a lady in a small car. Neither of our cars took much damage but the impact made my neck, back and shoulders hurt really bad. I went to the hospital in Blytheville, Arkansas where I live, and they just gave me some Tylenol and said to rest. But the next day the pain was so bad I could not get out of bed. I called David Gold at the Gold Law Firm because I heard his Google reviews were all 5 star. David recommended that I seek care at a local chiropractor who treated me for 8 weeks. Within a month, I had a check in my hand for a lot more than I expected. If I am ever in another wreck, I am calling the Gold Law Firm.

LaShondra in Covington

My wrist was fractured in a car wreck in 2019. I was in the front seat but the impact was to the back of the car. The insurance company did not believe that my wrist broke in the wreck because I was not in the back seat. I hired David Gold at the Gold Law Firm and he convinced the insurance company that the break happened in the wreck. If Mr. Gold had not represented me, I would not have got any money. Instead, I got $11,500.00. If you have a problem with an insurance company, call David Gold. He will get you your money.

Lillian in Arlington

rear ended minivan

My minivan was rear-ended in July of 2018. The impact was so hard that my vehicle skid forward about 3 car lengths after the impact. I was thrown forward, hit the steering wheel and then flew back into the seat. I was in shock. Paramedics transported me to the hospital and I used Google to the Gold Law Firm. I wanted a lawyer who really cared about his clients to I called David Gold based on his Google Reviews. David came to visit me at my house and after speaking to him, I was at ease. The settlement check I got was much more than I expected. If I ever need an accident attorney, I will certainly call the Gold Law Firm again.

Billy in Memphis


In October of 2017, my pickup truck was hit very hard when a young driver in an Cadillac was speeding, lost control of his vehicle and hit my vehicle. The impact caused my truck to split in half and it rolled over a few times. I had a serious concussion and a neck and back injury. I could not get in touch with the driver of the Cadillac and my medical bills were over $20,000. A friend recommended David Gold to me and we got a check for policy limits less than 80 days after the wreck. I don’t know what David did to get the money so quickly, but I really needed it because I was out of work and I had big medical bills. David got the medical bills cut down a bunch and I still put about $8000 in my pocket after everything was paid. I would certainly use the Gold Law Firm again if I needed a truck wreck attorney.

Amadou in Southaven, MS


I found David Gold on Google after my car wreck in downtown Memphis. David had a bunch of good Google reviews so I called him. He met with me the same day we spoke. I was surprised that he was available and it was really David Gold that I met with, not some paralegal or other inexperienced lawyer. I really like the way that David kept me informed with all the things going on in my case. I was very worried because my bills were over $13,000 and I didn’t have no health insurance. The other driver caused the wreck, but they would not return my phone calls. I was worried that I would be stuck paying all my bills. David sent a letter to the insurance company and they sent us a very large check. David got all my bills cut in half and after his fee, I still put over $9000 in my pocket for pain and suffering. I would use David and the Gold Law Firm again if I was in a wreck.

Cameron in Memphis

cameron of memphis

I T-boned a van on Union Avenue while riding on my motorcycle coming from school. I was in the far-right lane and the van made a left turn in front of me. I tried to stop, but was unable to avoid hitting the van in the passenger side. I did not get a ticket, but the van driver did for making an improper turn. I expected the case to be easy to settle because the wreck was not my fault. The bone in my arm snapped into two pieces in the wreck and I had to get a plate and some screws in my arm to fix it. The insurance company hired a lawyer to handle the claim because my medical bills were over $50,000. I found David Gold on Google and his reviews were good so I hired him to represent me. The lawyer for the insurance company claimed that witnesses saw me speeding and that the wreck was at least 50 percent my fault and refused to pay. David Gold proved to the other lawyer that I was NOT speeding based on the photographs that they sent him. David explained that the shadow of the tall buildings on Union Avenue prevented the driver of the van from seeing me and that was the real reason he did not see me. David knew that the van driver was lying and proved it. I cannot thank David enough. He even used Google Earth photos to prove his point. Those photos showed that the shadow of the buildings on the south side of Union made it nearly impossible for the van driver to have seen me. We settled the case for enough money for me to pay all my medical bills and to pay off almost half of my student loans. I would highly recommend that anyone on a motorcycle who is involved in a wreck call David Gold.

Charles in Whitehaven


I was a passenger in this yellow Dodge Charger that flipped over when the driver tried to pass another car at a high rate of speed. The car lost control, flipped upside down and landed on its roof after hitting a tree VERY hard. I got knocked out and don’t remember what happened next. I woke up in the hospital and they told me I had been in a car wreck. I had a dislocated knee, scrapes and bruises all over my body, a blood clot in my eye, and my neck and back were injured, but luckily, I was alive. The ambulance took me away from the wreck scene BEFORE the cops arrived so my name was not listed on the police report. So the driver’s insurance company refused to pay my medical bills, which were over $40,000. First, I called some of those BIG TV advertising lawyers and they all turned my case down. Then I called David Gold. He accepted my case. Then he convinced the insurance company that I was in the car by proving that the ambulance had cut me out of the car BEFORE the cops arrived. But then there was another problem. The driver of the car did not own it. He had borrowed it from his friend and the driver was not listed on the policy. Also he did not have a driver’s license so the insurance company denied coverage. David threatened to sue the owner of the car, the driver of the car AND the insurance company. Eventually, David negotiated a settlement with the insurance company that paid my bills and gave me just under $10,000 in my pocket for pain and suffering. David really fought hard for me. I would highly recommend David Gold if you need a lawyer who really goes the extra mile for his clients. If it weren’t for David Gold, I would have got nothing. Oh, and he also negotiated all my bills down and that put more money in my pocket since I did not have health insurance.

Taneka and Jasper in Memphis


In November of 2013, our car was rear-ended by a woman who had Farm Bureau insurance. She lied to her insurance company and told them that her car was PUSHED into my car by another car. In reality, she hit our car, and THEN her car was rear-ended by another car. Anyway, Farm Bureau denied liability. I hired David Gold and he tried the property damage case in General Sessions Court and we won $9,700! But, Farm Bureau appealed that verdict to Circuit Court and we then filed suit for the injury to my husband’s neck and back. After four years of litigation, the untimely death of the judge for our case and dealing with all sorts of legal issues, we settled the case this month for enough money for me to pay off the car and pay medical bills and put some money in our pocket for pain and suffering. David never gave up on this case even though it took four years to resolve. We highly recommend David Gold. He does not give up and helped us get the money we deserved.

Nona in Lakeland, TN


I was injured in a horrible car accident when my little Chevrolet Cobalt was T-boned by a Ford F-150 in April of 2017. The impact was so strong that it lifted my car off the ground and the air bags deployed. Honestly, I was more in shock, at that time, than in pain. But the pain DID come. And so did the ambulance. I was taken to the hospital, but luckily, I did not have any broken bones. My little car was demolished. I work for the state of Tennessee as a Probation and Parole Officer and I needed a car quickly to visit people for my work. The insurance company would not get me a car to drive. Without my car, I could not get around. I called David Gold at the Gold Law Firm and he helped me get a rental car and compensation for my car, which was a total loss. I got some medical treatment, but my work schedule prevented me from continuing all my doctor’s appointments. Nevertheless, once my car was replaced and my case settled, I was able to put a few thousand dollars in my pocket for pain and suffering. I am glad I hired David Gold because he kept me informed of each development in my case. His staff was very nice also.

Timothy in Memphis, TN


In January of 2016, my Toyota Tundra pickup truck was rear-ended by a large moving van. The van took almost no damage. There was absolutely no damage to my truck either, except that my steel trailer hitch was bent and needed to be replaced. However, my back and neck hurt so bad, I thought someone had stabbed me. So, all in all, there was less than $100 damage to both vehicles. The insurance company for the moving van offered me $100 to replace my hitch, but nothing for my injury. I went to the hospital the day of the wreck and the doctor showed me where my neck was all messed up. I told the insurance company that I was hurt but they said that they would not pay me anything because there was no damage to my vehicle. That is when I called David Gold at the Gold Law Firm. He told me not to worry and that he would explain to the insurance company that if the impact was hard enough to bend steel, it was hard enough to cause me injury. After Sarah Koon, associate attorney at the Gold Law Firm, sent a demand package to the insurance company with documentation of my injury and the type of force it takes to bend a steel hitch, we settled the case for $19,000. I am so glad I let the Gold Law Firm handle my case.

Annie in New Orleans, LA


I was visiting Memphis for a family reunion in June of 2016 when the vehicle I was driving was rear-ended on I-40 near the Summer Avenue exit. I immediately felt pain in my back and neck. I got out of the car to assess the damage when I saw another vehicle coming up on us. So I jumped back into my car and it was smashed again by another vehicle that did not see us on the side of the road. This impact caused me to bite down real hard and I hurt my jaw. I was taken to the hospital and released. Once I got back home to New Orleans, I got medical treatment for my neck and back and my jaw. Because there were two impacts, neither insurance company wanted to pay for all of my injuries. I hired David Gold because he had a bunch of good Google reviews and he looked nice. David got policy limits of $25,000 from the insurance company for the first impact and then he got me $27,000 from the insurance company for the driver of the second impact. In total, I walked with about $35,000 in my pocket. I would certainly use the Gold Law Firm for a car accident.

Breanna in New Mexico


In 2016, I was a passenger in an old Honda Civic that was sideswiped by a tractor-trailer. The impact did little damage to the tractor-trailer, but the Civic had visible damage all along the passenger side. The rearview mirror crashed through my window and struck me on the nose. I thought my nose was broken and it bled nonstop for about 20 minutes. Because I was out of town, I did not go to the hospital at that time. Four days after the wreck, I did go to the hospital because my neck, back and shoulders were hurting and my nose continued to hurt and bleed. The trucking company offered me $1,500 to go away. I knew I was hurt and did not accept that offer. I called David Gold at the Gold Law Firm because my mother used him in her wreck years ago. My medical bills were over $10,000. The adjuster for the trucking company reviewed my records and claimed that I was faking my injuries and that the damage to the Civic was “cosmetic.” Her first offer was $7,500. David wrote her a nasty letter and called her incompetent, among other things, and pointed out specifically why she was incompetent even though she claimed to be a “senior claims supervisor.” David then contacted the trucking company directly, sent them a copy of the inaccurate and misleading letter from the incompetent adjuster. Shortly afterward, we settled the case for $18,000. I am so glad I had David Gold fighting for me. If you need an attorney who works hard for you, call David Gold.

Keith in Memphis


My Dodge truck was rear-ended by a Ford Fusion. The only damage to my vehicle was that the bumper was a little crooked and my trailer hitch was destroyed. The impact knocked off my receiver hitch. The ball was made of steel and the impact was so strong my truck flew forward about 30 feet after the impact. The bumper of the Ford Fusion had a hole in it from where my trailer hitch lodged into it. I tried to explain to the insurance adjuster that I was really hurt badly, but, she kept saying that there was so little damage to my truck, I could not be hurt. So I called David Gold. He explained to the insurance company that steel trailer hitch balls are hard and that the impact must have been huge to tear it off my truck. Before I called David, they would not make an offer for my injuries. After I hired David, we settled the case for over $15,000! I would recommend calling David Gold if you are hurt in a wreck.

Kenya in Hickory Hill


Thank you all so much for all that you have done. It is greatly appreciated!! Words cannot explain how grateful I am unto this firm and will I would highly recommend The Gold Firm to anyone with similar experiences. I will be more than happy to leave you guys a review. Just know, if I ever find myself in this type of situation again (I pray NEVER), I will not hesitate to contact The Gold Firm to represent me. You guys are awesome!

Stephanie in Memphis, TN


This is a picture of the wrecker that slammed into the rear of my little SUV. He hit me so hard that it pushed my vehicle into oncoming traffic. As a result, my vehicle slammed into the front end of a car coming at me the other way. So, first I was hit in the rear and that caused me to hit another vehicle head on. At first, I thought I was going to die. But I survived. The paramedics took me to the hospital in an ambulance. I had injuries to my neck, head, back, shoulders and arm. I went for physical therapy for about four weeks. I missed about a week of work also. David Gold settled my case without going to court for much more than he said he would. In fact, I got nearly $20,000 in my pocket after everything was done. I hope I am never in another wreck, but if I am, I am going to call the Gold Law Firm.

Bridgett in Ripley, TN


My hand was sliced open in a car wreck. I was in the passenger seat when my friend was driving us to the store in Bethel Springs, McNairy County, Tennessee. Blood went everywhere. I was taken by ambulance to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where they sewed my hand back up. I also injured my neck, back and shoulders. My friend recommended that I meet with David Gold to handle my case. I had never heard of him, but I am sure glad I hired him now. Once the case settled, I got over $9000 in my pocket after all the bills were paid. I don’t own a car. David drove to come see me in Selmer, TN, and even came back to Selmer when the case was over to bring me the paperwork that needed to be signed. The next day, he had his bank wire me my money. He didn’t have to do all that. And he did not even charge extra to do all that. If you are hurt in a wreck, call David Gold. I am so glad I did.

Toni in Selmer, TN

I was injured when my car was rear-ended by a Chevrolet Silverado driven by a young man. The impact left a small dent in my bumper and only a small dent in the bumper of the pickup truck. Immediately, I had pain in my neck and shoulder, but my back did not hurt … yet. I went to the ER and was diagnosed with cervical strain and sprain. At first, I hired some TV lawyers, but once I signed up with them, they would not talk to me so I fired them. I was still hurt so I found David Gold on the internet and he recommend that I get an MRI, which I did. It showed that I had a ruptured disk in my lower back. If David had not told me to get an MRI, I would still be in pain today. I had surgery to eliminate the pain from the ruptured disk. The insurance company refused to make a settlement offer in my case because they believed that my ruptured disk was not due to the wreck. David filed a lawsuit against the driver of the Silverado. David discovered that the impact broke the seat in the Silverado, which proved it was a hard impact. He showed that to the insurance company. Two months before the trial date, we mediated the case in July of 2015, and we got a lot more money than David said we would. I highly recommend David Gold if you get hurt in a wreck, especially if you are getting nowhere with an insurance company.

Michelle in Collierville

My doctor recommended that I hire David Gold to represent me in my car wreck. My thumb got broken in the wreck and I also had pain in my neck and back. The insurance company tried to claim that I broke my thumb at work. However, that was a complete lie. David got my employment records and proved to the insurance company that my thumb got broke from the air bag and not at work. We got enough money for me to get medical care and I got something for my pain and suffering. I would definitely use David Gold again. If you get in a car wreck, call David Gold. He is awesome.

Wayne in Bartlett

I was in a car wreck in 2012. An elderly lady did not see my car when she turned in front of me. The tremendous impact knocked me unconscious. The air bags deployed. My car was a total loss. After I was transported by ambulance to the hospital, I called one of the BIG TV ADVERTISING INJURY LAW FIRMS. They sent me to their favorite chiropractor, who ran up a bill greater than $10,000. Once the chiropractor released me, that big firm sent a demand letter to the insurance company. But I was not well yet! How dare they try to settle my case when I was still in great pain? I fired that big law firm and hired David Gold. David got me treatment with many REAL doctors and because my case was complicated, we ended up having to file suit while I was still recovering from my injuries. Eventually, I did get better, but not all the way better. David and his associates successfully mediated my case for a confidential dollar amount that will provide me with plenty of money for a future surgery if I choose to have one. What I really liked about working with David and his staff is that they really care about me and my health. I am a real person and not just a number to them. I highly recommend the Gold Law Firm if you get in a car wreck.

Delilah in Memphis

I was in a car wreck in February of 2015. The other driver swerved into my lane and hit my car, pushing my car into the curb. When the police arrived, the other driver lied to the police and said it was my fault. The police officer did not give either of us a citation since there were conflicting stories about what happened. I called David Gold and he said he may be able to get the other driver’s insurance to pay the claim based on what really happened. Not only did David get them to accept liability, they also paid to replace my car. After I was done with the doctors, David Gold settled the case for more money than he said he could. I would highly recommend the Gold Law Firm and David Gold to anyone in a car wreck. I especially like the fact that David handled the claim and when I needed to know something about the case, I spoke to an attorney and not some case manager.

Jennifer C. in Memphis

I am so thankful that I hired David Gold as my attorney after my car wreck. In July of 2014, my daughter and my boyfriend and I were in our SUV when we were rear-ended by a young man in a sports car. The impact was huge. We were transported by ambulance to the hospital. I thought that I would be released the next day, but on the second day of my recovery at the hospital, I had a stroke. I did recover, but I had to stay in the ICU a few more days because of the stroke. I believed that the stroke was caused by the wreck and I wanted to be compensated for that injury along with the other injuries I had from the wreck. They guy who hit us only had $25,000 in insurance per person and my bills alone were over $70,000. I hired David Gold and he told me that he might be able to get some money from my underinsured motorist insurance policy if he could convince my insurance company that the stroke was from the wreck. David made a claim with my insurance company and we ended up getting $55,000 from both insurance companies. David got all my bills and liens reduced and I was able to put about $20,000 in the bank after my bills were paid. David also helped me get my short-term disability started and did not charge me for that. I would definitely recommend David Gold and the Gold Law Firm to anyone who needs an attorney after a car accident.

Julie J. in Memphis

My daughter and I were in a car wreck on in June of 2014. We were rear-ended by a tow truck. According to the police report, there was less than $400 damage to my vehicle and less than $400 damage to the other vehicle. The insurance adjuster for the other driver called me and told me that “all they would pay to me was $500 and all that they would pay my daughter was $500.” She told me that because there was not much damage, there was no way we could have been hurt in such a minor impact. A friend referred me to David Gold at the Gold Law Firm. David told me that he would be able to get the insurance company to pay much more than what they offered. After we were treated at our doctor, David and his staff settled our cases. My daughter and I each got a lot more than $500. If you are injured in a wreck, don’t take the low offer. Call attorney David Gold.

Angela in Memphis

In February of 2014, I was the passenger in a car that was T-boned by another vehicle. I was badly injured and taken to Baptist DeSoto County Hospital. My girlfriend found David Gold on the internet when she searched for a car wreck lawyer. We met with David Gold and he told us what he thought each of our cases was worth. He tracked down the other driver’s insurance information, even though the accident report did not have that. My girlfriend decided that she wanted to handle her claim herself and told me she could handle mine also. So we both fired David Gold. My girlfriend settled her case and insurance paid her medical bills and gave her $500. I was still hurt so I called Mr. Gold back up. I rehired him to handle my case. Mr. Gold negotiated all my bills down and I got $8000 for pain and suffering. My girlfriend wishes she had not fired Mr. Gold. I am SO glad I came back to him. I would highly recommend the Gold Law Firm and David Gold to anyone who is in a car wreck.

Jonathan in Mississippi

I was driving through Memphis on my way from St. Louis to New Orleans. I was injured when a distracted driver in a tractor-trailer lost control of his vehicle and caused a collision with my car. I was taken by ambulance to a hospital. My car was a total wreck. After I returned to my home at the time in Kentucky, I found David Gold at the Gold Law Firm after searching on the internet for a car accident lawyer. I was afraid to hire someone over the internet. So I read the reviews on David’s website and believed that David really cared about his clients. My medical bills were over $30,000. David and his associate Garry settled my case for $75,000. I never met David or Garry in person. Nevertheless, I am very pleased with how they handled my case. If you are in a wreck and live outside the Memphis area, I recommend that you call the Gold Law Firm.

Rebecca D. in Missouri

I was in a car wreck with my daughter. She was driving my ex-husband’s car when we had our wreck. Our car flipped over a few times and my wrist was broken in the wreck.

I had two surgeries on my wrist and now I have some steel plates in my wrist. The other driver caused the wreck, but had no insurance. My medical bills were around $50,000.

I thought my ex-husband had full coverage insurance on his car, but his insurance company said that they were denying liability because my daughter was not on his insurance policy. I called David Gold at the Gold Law Firm and he came to see me in my house in Millington, Tennessee. As you would expect, I could not drive.

So David contacted the insurance company and convinced them to pay the claim. I don’t know what he said to them, but they sure changed their position once The Gold Law Firm was involved.

David and his associates settled my case by getting me a total of $100,000 from the insurance company. I am very pleased with how my case was handled by the Gold Law Firm and highly recommend their firm to anyone that has been in an accident.

Anna G. in Millington, TN

My Name is Blanche and at the time of my car accident, I was 87 years old. I was the passenger in my daughter’s vehicle that was rear-ended on Getwell Road in Memphis, Tennessee. The impact was so hard that my glasses flew off my face and my head snapped forward and back like you would not believe. I was immediately in pain.

The paramedics from the ambulance service took me to St. Francis Hospital on Park Avenue, where they took some X-rays and told me that I would be sore for a while. Well, I was more than sore. I was in terrible pain. My neck, shoulders and back all hurt and I had a severe headache.

My daughter told me I “didn’t need an attorney,” but I thought I might. David Gold met with me and I felt so comfortable trusting him with my case. He explained to me in great detail what would be my course of medical care, when my case would settle and he gave me a range of where he thought the case might settle. I explained to him that I was old and don’t heal so well. He said that won’t matter.

The case settled for about what David told me it would. I did get a lot more money than my daughter, who did not have an attorney. When the case settled, it was really cold and rainy. David brought the settlement check to my apartment. That was so nice of him. The check was for more money than I even expected.

I would recommend David Gold to anyone. His staff always answered my calls and were friendly to me.

Blanche W.

My children and I were in a car accident in Memphis. I got David Gold’s name from a friend. My van did not have a lot of damage and the insurance company tried to tell me that I was not hurt. But I was hurt. How could they tell me if I was hurt or not? They tried to give me a little money to just go away.

Rather than take their money, I called attorney David Gold. He explained my legal rights to me and what compensation I could receive from the wreck for me and my children.

I am so glad I had The Gold Law Firm and David Gold handle my case. We got a lot more money than I expected. It could not have come at a better time as my baby had just been released from Le Bonheur Hospital and I had been off work caring for him. David even came to my house to bring me my check. I could not come to him since I was caring for my baby, who was just out of the hospital.

If you are in a car wreck, you should call David Gold. He is a lawyer who cares.

Jamia R. in Memphis

I was riding my motorcycle in Nashville around 3 p.m. when a drunk driver ran a red light and crossed into my path. I tried to avoid his car, but I slammed into his trunk, flying off my motorcycle and landing on the ground. My helmet got smashed and I injured my wrists. Fortunately, no other vehicles ran over me after I landed. My bike was a total loss.

Traveler’s Insurance refused to give me what my bike was worth and I hired David Gold to represent me in my motorcycle accident. David got me more than I paid for my bike. Then, while the criminal case against the drunk driver proceeded, David got the district attorney to make the drunk driver give me $3,000 in restitution.

My medical bills were not that high because I was wearing my riding suit, which protected me. I did suffer a concussion, but eventually, my headaches went away.

David forced the insurance company to give me nearly seven times my medical bills. David also got many medical providers to accept reductions in my bills, resulting in more money in my pocket.

I would highly recommend The Gold Law Firm for anyone in a motorcycle crash.

Nick L. in Nashville

I highly recommend The Gold Law Firm to anyone who is in a car accident. I work for Farmers Insurance in the administration department. A co-worker recommended David Gold to represent me and my husband in our recent car wreck.

We knew we needed a lawyer who would provide us with the most money we could get. We trusted David Gold right from the start.

Due to my work schedule, I could not come to his office during the day. So we met at a Starbucks Coffee near my office at 6 p.m. I was so pleased that I did not have to miss work to meet with my lawyer.

David and his staff were always courteous to me and the compensation we received was right where David said it would be. I highly recommend the services of The Gold Law Firm if you or someone you know is injured in a car wreck in Memphis or anywhere for that matter.

Quercia C. in Memphis

I met David Gold when my wife and I were in a car wreck. I had a prior head injury and was concerned that this wreck would aggravate my prior injury. David Gold assured me that if my prior injuries were aggravated, then he would get me money to compensate me for this injury.

We were treated by a doctor near where we live. Once we were released from care, David wrote a letter to the insurance company and within a few weeks, David settled my case for what he said it would settle for.

What I really like about The Gold Law Firm is that they really care about their clients. I even saw another client at the bank when I was cashing my check from my wreck and he said he was very pleased with the money he received from The Gold Law Firm’s representation.

If you are in an accident, you should call The Gold Law Firm.

Stephen C. in Memphis

The Gold Law Firm was not my first choice for an attorney. I had another attorney that my friend recommended who claimed he knew how to handle a car wreck. Boy, was he wrong.

Because I had chronic back pain, the chiropractor I was seeing recommended that I seek a “really good attorney” and knew that David Gold had handled complicated car wreck cases before. My injury did not show up on the X-rays and no one knew where my back pain was coming from. David sent me to his doctor to get an MRI. This MRI showed that I had nerve damage and that I would benefit from nerve blocks. But I could not afford nerve blocks and had no insurance.

So David settled my case, giving me enough money to get three nerve blocks if I want to get them. We ended up getting over three times the total medical bills. I cannot thank David Gold and his staff at The Gold Law Firm enough.

Darryl E. in Memphis

David Gold represented me and my children in a wreck last year. We got the policy limits from the at-fault driver. David negotiated most of my bills down so that I got more money in my pocket. My children also received money for their injuries. I was so pleased with how David handled my car wreck that I used his services again when I was in a rear-end wreck this year also. If you get in a wreck, call The Gold Law Firm and get a check.

Sherrilyn M. in Memphis

I was very satisfied with the way that David Gold handled my car wreck case. I met with an attorney before him and I did not get the feeling that she was being honest when she promised me five times my medical bills.

Mr. Gold explained to me that each case is different. He explained to me that my compensation was based on the total of my medical bills. Mr. Gold did not promise me what I would get when the case settled, but he did give me a range that he expected.

When the case settled, the final offer was only $20 below what Mr. Gold expected. Mr. Gold answered or returned all my calls promptly and he and his staff were extremely courteous to me. I would certainly give The Gold Law Firm an A+ for what they did for me.

Curtis W.

I was getting nowhere with the insurance company. I was frustrated because the insurance company kept putting me off. When they finally did make an offer on my case, it was ridiculously low.

Once David Gold got involved, he was able to get the insurance company to offer a lot more money and got my case settled and even reduced the amount of my medical bills, which meant more money for me.

I am very pleased with the service I received. I would highly recommend the Law Office of David Gold to anyone injured in a car wreck.

Dollie in Memphis

I was in a car wreck and the insurance company offered me $500 and said they would pay my medical bills. After I hired David Gold, he explained to the insurance company the extent of my injuries and I ended up with a check in my hand for $5,000!

I cannot thank David Gold enough for getting me the money I deserved.

Jennifer in Memphis

Before I hired attorney David Gold to represent me in my car accident, my case had been turned down by Nahon, Saharovich and Trotz AND Gatti, Keltner, Bienvenu and Montesi. After all the advertising that those big firms do, I thought for sure they would take my case. Neither did.

I had over $30,000 in medical bills and nowhere to turn. I was referred to David Gold by a friend. After telling him about my case, he said it would be tough, but he thought he could get me some money.

When David finished the case, he negotiated all my medical bills down and I still got a check for $15,000 in my pocket. I highly recommend David Gold and am glad those other firms turned me down.

Brian R. in Memphis

After my wreck, my car was a total loss. I did not know what to do. I called the Law Office of David Gold and they got me into a rental car the same day.

David Gold negotiated the settlement for my car that enabled me to purchase a newer vehicle with fewer miles. After that, David Gold assisted me in obtaining a settlement for my injuries.

I don’t know what I would have done without David’s help. What impressed me most was that each time I had a question about my case, I got to speak directly to an attorney, not some paralegal or secretary.

David genuinely cares about his clients.

Maxine in Memphis

Premises Liability And Slip-And-Fall Testimonials

I was shopping at Kroger one night and slipped and fell on some red liquid. I landed on my tailbone and also hurt my shoulder. I did not think I was seriously injured so I did not seek medical treatment until the next day. I went to the hospital and they took X-rays, which showed nothing was broken. My pain increased as the days went on so I went to my own doctor. He prescribed pain medicine for me.

I hired David Gold at the Gold Law Firm when Kroger said that the fall was my fault. I ended up getting several nerve blocks that helped alleviate the pain somewhat. I lost my job since I could not do the work I was hired to do. David filed a lawsuit against Kroger. They still denied liability. David took the depositions of three Kroger employees who all said that the floor was “clean and dry” where I fell. David tried to get the video of the incident, but Kroger told him that there was no video even though there was a camera globe right above where I fell.

Kroger made an offer on the case at mediation, but that offer was very low. It would not even pay my medical bills. Soon after, Kroger increased their offer to a number just under my medical bills. My health insurance had already paid most of my bills. David said that if we went to trial that the jury would probably believe the three lying Kroger employees over me. My doctors also said that much of my treatment was due to degenerative back disease. David said that he would be willing to go to trial, but that we may not even get as much money as Kroger had offered. I trusted David’s advice and we took Kroger’s final offer. It wasn’t as much as I would have liked, but at least I got something.

One thing that I really liked about David Gold is that he gave me options and explained the flaws in my case to me. I know that we may have gotten more money if we had gone to trial, but after David explained everything to me, I believe we made the right decision.

Rene in Memphis

Day Care Injuries

When I arrived to pick up my 3-year-old special-needs son at a Memphis, Tennessee, day care center, I was shocked that he had a gash on his forehead. Someone had put some ointment on his wound, but no one at the day care would tell me how my son was hurt. It looked like he had been dropped on his head. My son was upset and crying. Because my son is nonverbal, he could not tell me what happened. I took my son to the doctor, who said he was not seriously injured. I hired the Gold Law Firm to investigate what happened. We never got to the bottom of what happened, but the day care agreed to pay me $5000 for my son’s injury. That was 40 times the medical bills! The main thing was that I wanted the day care center to implement procedures for notifying parents when their children are hurt. Since this accident, the day care now has a policy to notify parents when an injury happens.

Helen O. in Memphis

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