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Federal tax cuts for alcohol producers will endanger lives

No one questions the dangers of drinking and driving. Although there is often argument around what the legal limits should be and who should absorb the cost of the harm resulting from alcohol-related accidents, etc., everyone seems to understand that drunk driving is dangerous for everyone.

Do you think a slip-and-fall case is no big deal? Think again.

Many people think of personal injury cases in general, and slip-and-fall claims in particular, as no big deal. We rarely think that slip-and-fall cases involve serious injuries and many people look down on these claims as a desperate attempt for a payout.

The Dangers of Driving in the Rain: Pt. 2 of 2

Most people underestimate the dangers of driving in the rain. It doesn't seem nearly as dangerous or potentially deadly as driving in snow or ice. However, driving in the rain or when the roads are wet can be just as dangerous - arguably more dangerous - than driving in other weather conditions.

The Dangers of Driving in the Rain: Pt. 1 of 2

As we're coming into fall here in Tennessee, there is no doubt that the rains will coming and most of us will have to drive in wet weather. Although most people don't think of rain and wetness on the roads as a big deal, the reality is that wet roads increase the danger of driving and likelihood of accidents significantly.

That offer from the insurance agent you can’t refuse? Refuse it.

If you’ve been injured from a car or truck accident, you are certain to receive a visit from the insurance agent. The insurance company sends the agent to visit you or call you in the hospital. The agent will seem like a friend, deeply concerned about your well-being and ready to make sure you get the compensation you need from your injuries.

When trucks can't stop

If you remember the exam you had to take before getting your drivers' license, there is minimum safe distance when traveling behind another vehicle. In Tennessee, the average stopping distance when traveling 50 miles per hour would be 200 feet. Of course, this distance increases as driving speed increases.

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