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We stand up against big insurance companies

At the Gold Law Firm, we know that it can feel hopeless going up against a company as big and powerful as a Tennessee insurance provider. That is why we try to provide the strong stance and confident representation our clients deserve — no matter how big our opponent is. 

6 mistakes to avoid after a crash

Our team at The Gold Law Firm knows that insurance companies will attempt to find ways to avoid being held financially responsible. This may include your own insurer. It is important that you and other Tennessee residents understand the ways in which you could lose your claim after a car accident.

What if my car insurance claim is denied?

If you’re involved in an auto accident, the next step is to file a claim with your insurance company. Even if you’re fairly certain that you’re not at fault, your insurance provider may believe otherwise. If your claim is denied, The Street recommends taking the following steps.

What’s the difference between flood and water damage?

Water damage in your Tennessee home is a huge issue. Not only can it ruin fixtures, it can also result in mold growth and lay waste to your precious belongings. While conventional home insurance covers some types of water damage, other types require separate protection. Allstate explains what you should know about protecting your property against all kinds of water damage.

What should I do when filing a renter's insurance claim?

Having renter's insurance is a responsible thing to do in case you suffer a loss while renting a property in Tennessee. However, as with any insurance policy, in order to be paid for your loss, you have to submit a claim. If you make a mistake during filing your claim, it could be denied.

Considerations when contemplating an insurance settlement

You know that insurers do not remain in business by paying out on every claim; thus, an offer of a settlement from an insurance company following an accident should be expected. Yet just how hard should your stance be on accepting a settlement? As we here at The Gold Law Firm tell many of our clients in Shelby County, an insurance settlement offer is not something to always be summarily dismissed out-of-hand. 

Explaining fault vs. no-fault insurance laws

When one gets in a car accident in Shelby, the expectation is that auto insurance will pay for any injuries he or she (as well as other involved) sustained, along with the whatever repairs to any and all vehicles caught up in the collision. The question is whose insurance is going to pay for it. Most might automatically assume that the "at-fault" driver is responsible. At the same time, some might say that regardless of fault, those involved in car accidents are required to submit claims to their own insurance companies. So who is correct?

What is bad faith?

You pay your premiums to your insurance provider in Shelby every month with the expectation that should the time come the you need coverage, it would be automatic. This assumption seems to fly in the face of the age-old adage that insurers do not stay in business by paying on claims. Yours may indeed look for reasons to deny you coverage. While denials are permissible, they cannot be based off bad faith. 

Why do insurers dispute repair costs?

Which is worse: having an accident or having to deal with getting your vehicle repaired? Many people in Tennessee might find it hard to decide between the two, especially if they are caught between a repair shop and an insurance company that does not see eye to eye about what repairs are needed and the cost of the work.

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  • "What I really liked about working with David and his staff is that they really care about me and my health. I am a real person and not just a number to them. I highly recommend the Gold Law Firm if you get in a car wreck." Wayne in Bartlett
  • "David and his associates settled my case by getting me a total of $100,000.00 from the insurance company. I am very pleased with how my case was handled by the Gold Law Firm and highly recommend their firm to anyone that has been in an accident." Rebecca D. in Missouri
  • "David forced the insurance company to give me nearly seven times my medical bills. David also got many medical providers to accept reductions in my bills resulting in more money in my pocket. I would highly recommend The Gold Law Firm for anyone in a motorcycle crash." Jamia R. in Memphis
  • "David made a claim with my insurance company and we ended up getting $55,000.00 from both insurance companies. David got all my bills and liens reduced and I was able to put about $20,000.00 in the bank after my bills were paid." Jennifer C. in Memphis
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