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Injuries at stores demand immediate attention and action

Injuries can occur at almost any place and at almost any time. Even when you are shopping, there are things that can happen that can cause an injury. If you are injured during a shopping trip, you might be interested in exploring your right to seek compensation. Opting to seek compensation can help you to recover some of the damages that you suffered because of the injury.

Pain and suffering in premises liability needs legal attention

Premises liability is a case that involves all types of businesses, homes and people. It can happen in a store, a restaurant, or even a day care center. Can you imagine your children being hurt while you are at work and they are in the care of a company or person that you thought you could trust? Those caretakers are there to provide care and a safe, nurturing environment for your little one and when they fail, someone is hurt or injured. Neglect and abuse are just two of the issues that can arise from this type of situation.

Next steps when your child suffers at day care

Part of premises liability belongs to day care centers. In Tennessee, you expect them to be trustworthy and openly honest about putting your child's safety first. It should be a nurturing environment that doesn't have a record of abuse or neglect. At times, these centers leave your child emotionally and even physically hurt because of their careless attitude toward children in general. You can hold these centers for child care responsible. Medical bills, psychotherapy bills and other damages can be brought before the court of law and judged rightly.

How can I tell if a day care center is safe?

Part of protecting your child from any harm that can come to them is to ask your daycare provider for information. This may help you prevent accidents and will give you peace of mind. You should be able to trust that the facility is safe and that no harm will come to your little one. Many of them aren't up to par, so it is up to you to interview them and check the area carefully before committing to bringing you child into the daycare center.

Premises liability includes toxic mold in your home

When you rent a home, you have a general expectation that you will be safe from toxic mold exposure. However, this may not be true. Did you know that your landlord is responsible for this type of premises liability? It is present everywhere in the environment and the areas that attract this type of damage, bathrooms and kitchens, need to be cleaned regularly with bleach. They must also have proper ventilation.

Body cams being issued to officers in Memphis, Tennessee

Police Chief in Memphis, Tennessee, has stated that a policy of having body cameras installed and used by all officers on the squad is a work in progress. He said also that the new cameras will be up and running by October 2015. Each day, another 50 officers are to be trained and have their cameras issued.

Is there a statute of limitations for premises liability?

Apparently, no one will be held responsible in a case of premises liability. The Tennessee Supreme Court ruled that neither the contractor nor the hotel owners will be held responsible for a defective handicap accessible shower bench that reportedly broke and injured a paralyzed hotel guest. The lawsuit contends the contractor installed it incorrectly and did not have the right sheetrock and stays to keep the bench in place.

Far too many daycare centers are very dangerous

When you take your child to a daycare center in Tennessee, you expect the workers at the center to take care of the child as if he or she was their own child. You're entrusting them with an incredibly important part of your life. Unfortunately, reports have shown that this is actually a huge risk on your part, as many daycare centers are not safe at all.

Negligence must be proven in slip and fall cases

Whether a slip and fall accident occurs on an icy sidewalk outside a residence or due to a spilled substance on the floor of a retail store, the resulting injuries can be painful and debilitating in nature. These injuries often require impacted individuals to seek both immediate and ongoing medical care as broken bones, torn ligaments and back strains are all commonly experienced by individuals who suffer a slip or trip and fall accident.

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