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Take action when an animal bites or attacks you

Dog bites, cat bites and even cat scratches are injuries that can lead to significant medical care. Infections and other issues can manifest. On top of the time-consuming medical care that is necessary, animal bite victims often have to deal with pain. When the bite is bad enough, the victim might have to miss work or school.

What should I do if I'm bitten by a cat or a dog?

When a cat or dog bites a person, there is a risk that lasting problems can occur. The fact of the matter is that any animal's mouth will harbor bacteria that can cause infections in the human body. There are some important things for you to consider if you have been bitten by a cat or dog.

Animal bites can bring litigation from victim

When you are bitten by a dog it can be a serious injury and takes weeks to heal. You incur medical bills and may even have to miss work to get well. This type of animal bite is usually because someone in your neighborhood isn't paying attention to his or her dog. Breeds that are common for biting, such as a Doberman, Rottweiler, German Shepard and pit bull, are the culprits most of the time.

Dog bites are painful and deserve compensation

Getting bitten by a dog is quite painful. The bite can get infected and you may be facing weeks of medication because the dog wasn't vaccinated. Any dog can bite; even the friendliest dogs will bite if they feel like they are being threatened. This doesn't mean you are causing the problem, it is just that the dogs may have a feeling of being trapped, so they lash out. Dog bites can be devastating and can come on so suddenly that you have no time to react or shield yourself from the vicious attack.

Why do animal bites get infected?

One of the biggest dangers associated with an animal bite isn't the bite itself, but the infection that happens afterwards. Many animal bites are not remotely life-threatening in the immediate aftermath. While they may bleed, it can often be stopped with bandages. Infections, though, have been known to cause serious complications and even take lives.

Seek treatment right away for an animal bite

If you are bitten by an animal in Tennessee, you want to seek treatment and medical assistance as soon as you can. Bites can become infected if they're not treated, and diseases like rabies are transmitted through bites. Even if it seems minor, you may need shots, so you definitely want to talk to a medical professional, rather than simply washing the bite yourself and hoping for the best.

Owners may say dog bites are your fault

When a dog attacks in Tennessee, it can be very traumatic, whether it attacks you or your child. Not only is this terrifying, but it can lead to an extended hospital stay, high medical bills and scars that may never heal. When you ask for compensation, though, you'll find that dog owners may use a common defense, saying that the dog was not at fault.

Can animal bites get worse over time?

Getting bitten by a dog or another animal in Tennessee is bad enough, but can the bite actually get worse over time? It's important to consider this if you are looking for compensation, as a bite that gets worse may need further medical treatment in the future, which can bring about brand new costs.

Why do dog bites turn into fatalities?

A dog bite injury is bad enough, but far too many dog attacks turn fatal. In fact, between the years 2000 and 2009 in the United States, there were a total of 256 fatal attacks. To find out why this happened, researchers studied the individual attacks to find out what things contributed to the deaths.

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