Representation Through The Title Search Process

Transferring property and land through sale or gifting can be a complex ordeal. Miscommunications or disputes can arise surrounding the title and who really owned the property at which time. Even decades down the line, title disputes can arise that could hold the current property owner at financial risk.

You can take steps before buying a piece of property to protect your interests. It is important that you have a legal representative on your side who understands these complexities and shows you how to take the proper steps to protect yourself.

At The Gold Law Firm, our real estate attorneys are experienced in handling title matters. We will conduct the proper title searches and title abstracts to investigate all details surrounding the property. If you are facing a dispute regarding a title, our lawyers will provide the solutions you need to resolve the matter and protect your investment.

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Title abstracts and searches are conducted during real estate transactions to trace the ownership of the property. This allows the potential buyer to see how the land or property was transferred over time and identify any potential sticking points or future disputes. These reviews often go back several decades. In some cases, the property is traced back to its original owners.

During the closing process, the buyer can purchase title insurance so that he or she is not held liable for any mistakes made by the title examiner.

If you have already purchased a piece of property and are facing a dispute or a claim against the property, we can help. Our lawyers are experienced negotiators, prepared to advocate on your behalf to resolve the matter quickly and in the best possible manner.

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