Residential Real Estate Representation From An Experienced Attorney

A new home or piece of residential real estate is one of the most exciting — and terrifying — purchases an individual or family will ever make. Whether you are buying or selling your home, countless details and complexities must be considered. While a real estate agent can guide you through the basics of the transaction, there are often nuances that the average person doesn't realize or understand.

With the help of a skilled real estate attorney, you can be sure that you are protecting yourself from liability and unnecessary financial risks.

Turn To Residential Real Estate Lawyers You Can Trust

At The Gold Law Firm, our lawyers provide valuable legal guidance through the real estate process to homeowners throughout Tennessee. We will review all aspects of the transaction and closing, providing the legal solutions you need to complete the sale as efficiently as possible, mitigating your risk.

If you are buying or selling a home, contact our firm to learn how we can represent your interests and protect you from unneeded risk. Call our Memphis, Tennessee, office at 901-303-8619 or toll free at 800-610-9622.

Our firm also represents buyers, sellers and owners of residential real estate in resolving any disputes that might arise. This could include liens, disputes with contractors, homeowners association disputes, title issues and contract disputes.

If you are in danger of losing your home through foreclosure, we can provide you with the options you need to either save your home or proceed through the short sale process as seamlessly as possible. We will protect your interests and negotiate with lenders to ensure that the matter is resolved with minimal financial loss.