HOA And Property Owner Association Disputes

Property owner associations and homeowners associations (HOAs) are designed to provide structure and governance to a community, usually dictating certain details about how the property should be maintained. While these associations can provide a great benefit to the homeowner, disputes with the association are not uncommon.

Most property owner association disputes come down to the initial contract or covenant the owner signed when joining the association. Given how detailed these contracts can be, it is important to have experienced legal representation on your side to review the agreement and provide sound guidance as to your legal options.

Protecting Your Property Owner Rights And Financial Interests In Disputes With HOAs

At The Gold Law Firm, our attorneys routinely work with property owners and homeowners, advising them on contract and covenant disputes. We will provide a clear understanding of all of your rights and obligations under the agreement. Our real estate lawyers are experienced negotiators, prepared to advocate on your behalf and protect your interests and rights as a property owner.

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Property owners have certain rights under law. In some cases, signing an association contract waives the owner's rights on certain issues. All disputes come down to the bylaws and agreements of the contract.

It is not uncommon for HOAs and similar associations to overstep their bounds and authority. In these cases, our attorneys can provide valuable negotiation services to hold the association within the limits of its power.

If you entered a covenant or agreement without understanding exactly what the contract required, we can help you negotiate with the association to resolve the dispute and work out a compromise.

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