The Gold Law Firm Knows Personal Injury AND Real Estate Law To Help With Your Mold Or Real Estate Dispute

When a piece of property is sold, the original owner has a responsibility to disclose or inform the new owner of all defects, damage or potential problems he or she may encounter. If the new owner finds such defects - and has reason to believe the original owner knew about them and intentionally hid them - the new owner has legal options.

Protecting The Interests Of Homeowners After Undisclosed Mold Issues

At The Gold Law Firm, our attorneys have represented many individuals and homeowners who have suffered from mold that was not reported. We have helped these individuals recover money from the original owner to cover the costs associated with mold. Our real estate lawyers understand how to hold previous owners accountable, protecting our clients.

If you have purchased a home with a mold problem, and you have reason to believe the previous owner knew about the issue, call our Memphis, Tennessee, law office today at 901-303-8619 or toll free at 800-610-9622 for a consultation.

Mold is a serious defect in any house or property. It develops over a period of time, usually caused by water damage or a leak, and can quickly take over the house or building. As it does, it can harm the structure of the building and cause sickness for anyone living there or routinely spending time there.

Removing mold is a time-consuming and expensive process. In addition to paying professionals to remove the mold, residents must often find a place to live until it has been completely removed.

If the original owner knew mold was an issue or could be an issue and yet failed to disclose it, you have options.