Attorney Handling Complex Large Development Closings

As a development project comes to completion and units start selling, a developer must consider how to conduct transactions on several units at a time. By having a dedicated real estate attorney handle all of the transactions and closings, the developer can save time and money.

Effective Representation Streamlining The Closing Process On A Large Development

Gold Law Firm provides a valuable service to developers, handling the closings for all units and houses in a large development. Instead of having to conduct dozens of closings with different attorneys and real estate agents, the developer can rely on our firm to handle the closing process for each unit.

This is a much more efficient process. Our attorneys understand the details, specs and nuances of the project and can efficiently complete each closing. Working with multiple attorneys and real estate agents can create costly delays. Our approach streamlines the process for the developer, saving time and money.

Our lawyers represent real estate clients and developers throughout the South, including Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri and Kentucky.

If you are a developer, please contact our Memphis-based firm today at 901-303-8619 or toll free at 800-610-9622 to arrange a consultation.