When Products Let You Down

Auto accidents are usually caused by user error. In the vast majority of accident cases, a driver made some kind of mistake that caused the accident. However, there are times when accidents and injuries are caused by system failure. Either the brakes went out or the air bag didn't deploy properly or other problems with one of the vehicles directly caused the accident.

Accidents caused by the failed machinery of a vehicle places the case in the realm of premises liability. These are different from other auto accident cases, requiring particular knowledge and experience. Attorney David Gold of The Gold Law Firm in Memphis, TN, has handled many product liability claims and our firm can help you obtain compensation for injuries and losses.

Next-Generation Product Liability Auto Accidents

We are interested in a product liability problem that is still in early stages: accidents occurring in new-generation self-driving cars. We invite you to read about the new world of car accidents involving these machines.

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