Unexplained Day Care Injuries

As a parent, you trust the day care provider to carefully supervise your child and make sure the child is safe and unharmed. When he or she doesn't properly supervise your child, serious injuries can happen.

All too often, parents discover these injuries and confront the day care director, only to have the director avoid the question or offer no explanation. No matter how much the parent insists, the day care director denies the injury occurred at the facility or claims that the child just fell.

Holding Day Cares Accountable For Day Care Injuries To Children

At The Gold Law Firm, we have worked with many parents and families whose children have been hurt at day care centers. If the day care worker fails to provide an explanation for the injury, our lawyers will thoroughly investigate the incident and the day care injury to determine how it occurred and obtain compensation for the injury.

If your child has been injured in an unexplained day care injury, we can help. Call our Memphis, Tennessee, law offices today for a consultation.

Commonly unexplained injuries include:

  • Abrasions and cuts
  • Bruises
  • Burns from boiling, electrical outlets
  • Bite marks
  • Broken bones, apparently from a drop or serious fall

These types of injuries occur when a day care worker is negligent in caring for your child or doesn't adequately supervise your child or the other children. We conduct a thorough investigation to understand how to retrace what happened and show that the day care was negligent.

We advocate for parents and provide the legal strategies they need to recover maximum damages. These monetary awards help cover medical costs, as well as pain and suffering.

Call our law offices today if your child has been injured at a day care center.