Playground Injuries Occurring On Child Care Facility Premises

Some of the most common injuries at day care and early childhood care facilities occur on the play equipment.

Playground structures are among the biggest investments a commercial day care center will make. Play systems can easily exceed $50,000, and they are generally pretty safe. But kids put even the safest systems to the test — hanging, jumping, swinging, sliding, running and leaping.

Children still get hurt, sometimes quite seriously. When children suffer playground injuries, you have questions about who will pay the medical bills. Attorney David Gold at The Gold Law Firm in Memphis, Tennessee, has experience with these kind of injuries, and the process of obtaining financial compensation for what has been lost.

When Is A Day Care Center Negligent?

Not every injury results from negligence. But when one of these conditions is in effect, the injury to the child may be compensable:

  • The equipment was unsafe by design
  • The equipment was unsafe by construction
  • The equipment needed repair in order to be safe
  • Play was unsupervised

When one of these or other contributory factors are present, the child care facility may be held to account for medical and other expenses.

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