Attacked In A Place Of Business

One of the dark corners of personal injury law involves injuries that are intentional. Places of business have a duty to see that their premises are reasonably safe and that visitors are not attacked, mugged, struck, stabbed, shot, raped, beaten or knocked down.

This is a difficult area, because no property owner wants these things to happen to customers or visitors. At the same time, when owners show little initiative in making the place of business safe, they can be held to account for their negligence.

At The Gold Law Firm in Memphis, TN, we handle negligent security injuries for clients throughout Tennessee. Attorney David Gold has a wealth of experience and knowledge when it comes to handling claims of this kind. We can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

These are examples of security failures that can lead to serious injury:

  • A parking ramp has no video cameras or other security apparatus.
  • A patron in a bar picks a fight with you.
  • An ATM kiosk provides no security against onlookers.
  • A college dorm has no security personnel or technology to prevent rape or other assault.
  • A hospital allows an uninvited visitor into your room.
  • A nursing home employee routinely assaults residents.

Can You Sue Whenever You Are Injured?

Not every act of violence is the property owner's or manager's fault. But if The Gold Law Firm can show that the owner could have taken reasonable precautions to protect your safety, we can sue for the losses you have suffered.

These losses include your medical expenses, including psychological help for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other pain and suffering, plus income you lose because of your injuries. It could also cover plastic surgery. If the victim dies, our lawyers can file a wrongful death claim, which compensates survivors for additional losses.

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