Medication Errors In Nursing Homes

Have you been victimized by a medication error? Has a loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility suffered from medication errors by staff members or a caretaker? Medication errors are completely preventable. If we can prove that an error occurred, it is likely that negligence on behalf of the care provider was the cause.

Medication errors can have a variety of devastating consequences that can severely affect a patient both physically and psychologically. However, medication errors do not always occur because of negligence. In some cases, malpractice or criminal acts are involved — both of which might lead to patient injuries. Such wrongful acts might include:

  • Stealing or diverting medications for personal use or for sale
  • Medication "borrowing" by staff members during a med pass, which is often a tactic to hide medication diversion
  • Ignoring specific directions for administering medications
  • Failing to renew or maintain medications

If You Suspect Medication Error, Contact An Experienced Lawyer Immediately

We can help you understand the legal implications of medication error, and we can help you get a loved one who has fallen victim the proper medical attention he or she needs immediately.

At The Gold Law Firm, our attorneys in Memphis help people victimized by medication errors in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home health care settings throughout Tennessee and northern Mississippi. We can help you maximize the compensation you deserve while holding the responsible party accountable for negligence.

Collaborating with pharmacologists and other industry experts, we can accurately identify evidence of:

  • Overmedication
  • Expired medication
  • Lab errors
  • Overdose
  • Underdose
  • Improper med pass route following
  • Failure to follow fluid or food intake requirements during medication administration
  • Crushing or slicing of medication labeled "do not crush"
  • Failure to notice patient resistance or negative reaction to certain types of medication
  • Improper administration of eye drops, enteral nutritional formulas (ENFs) or metered dose inhalers (MDIs)

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