Falls In Nursing Homes Are Always Preventable

Did you know that you might have legal recourse if a fall in a nursing home or other assisted living facility occurred? As a family member, you might even be able to take legal action on behalf of an injured loved one. Falls in care facilities are preventable. When someone is injured, it is likely because of negligence and poor supervision by the care facility's staff.

It is critical to have your case properly evaluated by an experienced lawyer who has had success securing compensation on behalf of nursing home fall victims. Our Memphis-based attorneys are tough litigators with years of experience handling injury cases of all types throughout Tennessee and northern Mississippi.

We are attentive and compassionate in all cases. Our team builds personalized cases and gives all our clients the unique, customized services they deserve.

The Importance Of Quick Action From An Experienced Lawyer

Evidence of a fall in a nursing home might not be available for long. Bruises heal, and it might be difficult to diagnose a head injury in a victim who might not have full cognitive faculties.

Nursing home staff will most likely deny responsibility, leaving it up to you and us to provide evidence of the fall. Staff might get to your loved one before we can. He or she might be manipulated by staff and intimidated into not speaking the truth of what actually happened and how the fall occurred.

If it exists, our team will find evidence of neglect, abuse, poor supervision or inadequate staffing. We will closely examine staffing logs and search for witnesses. Neglect might also include failure to administer the right medication or the proper dosage. It might include malnutrition or dehydration.

We will get to the bottom of the cause(s), and we will hold the responsible party accountable in pursuit of your maximum deserved compensation and the best possible recovery for your loved one.

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