Dog Bites

A dog bite injury is more often than not, a serious injury. These injuries frequently occur in residential areas where negligent pet owners keep aggressive breeds like Doberman, German shepherd, Rottweiler, and more commonly: pit bull. Typically attacks by vicious dogs are very painful and the victims incur tremendous medical bills. Often times the dog owner denies that the dog bit you or deny that they have insurance to cover the attack. Before your rights are compromised, you should speak to an attorney.

Regardless of where the injury took place or if the animal has a history of attacking others, there may be compensation available for your injuries or the injuries of your loved one. Dog bite injuries in children or the elderly are far more devastating than those in adults. It is important to get treatment for your injuries, no matter how severe.

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The dog owner is likely to attempt to deny owning the animal or claim that the dog was provoked in an effort to avoid fault. At The Gold Law Firm, our attorneys are skilled in investigating the circumstances surrounding pit bull bite injury or that of any other breed of dog.

By approaching the law in an efficient, straightforward manner, we are able to offer our clients access to the most compensation possible. We will fight aggressively for you as we remain communicative and provide realistic expectations for your case. Our Tennessee lawyers understand that you should be focusing on healing, and we are dedicated to serving as your voice during this difficult time.

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