Car Wreck Lost Wages Compensation

One of the most devastating financial consequences of a car wreck is wage loss. Many car accident victims are unable to return to work for months, even years after sustaining serious injuries. Some are left disabled for life. If you have suffered a car accident injury and are losing wages or will be losing wages, the attorneys at The Gold Law Firm can stand up for your rights. We can help you pursue full and fair compensation for your losses, including wage loss as a result of your car wreck.

We Can Help You With Your Wage Loss Claim

If someone robbed you of your ability to work, it is their fault, not yours. Under Tennessee law, the negligent party is responsible for your lost earnings and lost earning potential. While insurance companies are reluctant to pay wage loss claims, our lawyers know how to make them pay.

If you have missed work due to an auto wreck, our attorneys can help you by filing a lost wages claim with the at-fault party's insurance company. We can help you pursue compensation for wages already lost, and projected wage loss based on the extent and nature of your injury. We understand you have bills to pay and will do everything in our power to expedite your wage loss claim.

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