Ambulance Accidents

There are many myths about ambulance accidents. For example, many people assume these accidents happen at night or during rainy conditions, or when the ambulance is driving at high speed on a highway. In reality, most ambulance accidents occur in daylight, on dry roads and under clear weather conditions. Like other types of accidents, most occur in intersections.

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Was The Ambulance Driver Negligent?

Few drivers have more legitimate reason to speed or break traffic laws when it is safe to do so. As drivers, we have a responsibility to pull over to the side and allow ambulance drivers to pass when the vehicles are operating with their lights and sirens on.

However, when an ambulance driver is reckless, there may be nothing we can do to avoid a collision. Many car-ambulance collisions occur in intersections. Most occur when an ambulance driver runs a stop sign or stoplight without checking to see if the intersection is clear. One of the most common types of accidents is a T-bone collision, when an ambulance broadsides another vehicle.

Memphis is served by a mix of private and public ambulance companies, including Aero National, Hospital Wing, First Call Ambulance, Professional Medical Transportation, EMS, Emergency Mobile Health Care, Medicare Ambulance Inc., Express Medical Transporters, Medic Ambulance Service, Greater Memphis Emergency Medical Service, All Star Ambulance Service, Eagle Medical Service, Sems, Inc., Abundant Care Ambulance Service, Emergency Medical Service Environmental Management, Medicone Medical Response, AMR and Bartlett Ambulance. In the aftermath of an accident, our lawyers will investigate the ambulance company to make sure it hires qualified drivers with safe driving records.

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