Rotator Cuff Injuries Are Caused By More Than Throwing A Baseball

Rotator cuff injuries are a common outcome of some kinds of car accidents. You can injure your cuff when your upper body is twisted in a rear-end injury, or you protected yourself from the impact from behind by firmly gripping the steering wheel.

Because tissue is actually torn, cuff injuries do not resolve themselves. Without surgery, your shoulder will be less functional and will likely cause significant pain. Physical therapy will likely be indicated. Without proper care, which costs money, you may be unable to return to the work you do.

"I Can't Pitch Today, Coach. I Can't Even Lift My Hand To Eye Level."

You associate rotator cuff injuries with baseball pitchers. Pitchers complain of radiating pain throughout the arm, limited motion, swelling, weakness and the joint making clicking or popping sounds when moved. It's the same for injuries suffered in car crashes.

Insurance companies know that torn rotator cuffs are often the result of repetitive stress, usually on the job. They will need convincing that your injury resulted from a car crash.

At The Gold Law Firm in Memphis, TN, our attorneys have seen many cases of legitimate rotator cuff injuries occur during car collisions. We can show how the physics of the collision led directly to the damage to the shoulder.

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