Burn Injuries Resulting From Auto Accidents

In some ways, burn injuries are the worst a person can suffer. Burns destroy tissue and function. They alter the way you look, permanently. And they continue to cause physical and psychological pain long after the accident.

Burns injuries occur in motor vehicle accidents more often than you might think. Cars are combustible in many different ways:

  • Fuel tanks and fuel lines can break, leading to explosion.
  • Electrical failures can ignite fuel and fumes.
  • Batteries have been known to explode violently, causing acid burns.
  • Defective exhaust systems can cause exhaust to ignite and engulf the vehicle.

Many of these failures are exacerbated by poor maintenance. Loose connections and minor leaks, left to themselves, can lead to major conflagrations.

Our firm is experienced in the sensitive work of representing clients who have been disfigured or disabled by car crash fires. We also represent clients burned in the home, in nursing homes, and at places of business.

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