Losing A Loved One In A Car Accident

Two cars colliding is still the most common way for people to die suddenly in Memphis and the surrounding area. The good news is that traffic fatalities are going down. But that's of no consolation to the families of the fallen.

Fatal car accidents shake families to the core — emotionally and financially. At The Gold Law Firm in Memphis, TN, we are here to help. Although our lawyers can't do much about the emotional consequences, we can seek and obtain compensation for the dollar equivalent of your losses:

  • Medical expenses from the crash leading up to the point of death
  • The psychological pain and suffering caused by the death
  • Loss of a companion and the dollar value of love and affection
  • Loss of a breadwinner and all the income he or she was expected to earn
  • Loss of a caregiver and the dollar value of services he or she provided

Wrongful death suits require an attorney with extensive knowledge of the law, including who is eligible to file a claim and what statutes of limitations apply. The Gold Law Firm has seen many families through to positive outcomes, often exceeding $1 million in damages.

It costs you nothing to meet with David Gold and lay out the facts of your case. We can advise you on your chances of success and the best strategy to obtain maximum compensation. As with all personal injury work, you pay us nothing until we succeed for you.

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