If You Have Been Hit By A Drunk Driver

At The Gold Law Firm, we are passionate advocates for victims of drunk driving accidents. We understand the pain and anger that can arise from this type of case. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping victims of drunk driving accidents pursue full and fair compensation for their losses. Tragically, many drunk driving accidents result in wrongful death. We also represent families that have lost loved ones due to the reckless actions of drunk drivers.

Punitive Damages In Drunk Driving Cases

Victims of drunk driving accidents can pursue punitive damages in addition to compensatory damages. Punitive damages are designed to punish the drunk driver and can result in significantly higher total compensation to the drunk driving injury victim.

We believe that drunk drivers should be punished in the criminal law system as well as financially. We will aggressively pursue maximum compensation to hold the drunk driver responsible for his or her actions.

"I was riding my motorcycle in Nashville around 3 p.m. when a drunk driver ran a red light and crossed into my path. I tried to avoid his car, but I slammed into his trunk, flying off my motorcycle and landing on the ground." — Read more about Nick's case.

Dram Shop Liability

Under Tennessee dram shop laws, an establishment that sells alcohol to an obviously intoxicated patron can also be held liable for drunk driving injuries caused by that patron. Our attorneys are well-versed in Tennessee laws related to drinking and driving and can help you pursue all sources of compensation from all liable parties.

Hit By A Drunk Driver? We Can Help.

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