When You Are Injured And No Other Car Is Involved

There is a category of single-vehicle accidents or single-car accidents. They can be every bit as destructive as multiple-vehicle accidents.

  • Your car stalls on the interstate, the power steering locks up, and you crash into the culvert.
  • The highway in a strange area suddenly becomes tortuous, but there is no sign signifying the need to slow down.
  • Driving at night, you do not see scattered lumber until too late. You later learn it had fallen from a truck and had been left there for hours.
  • A construction site requires you to make a sudden maneuver that causes you to veer off the road.
  • Another car forces you off the road without realizing it, and the driver speeds away, unaware.

These accidents could all lead to catastrophic injuries, but there is no other driver to file a claim against. What do you do?

You find an experienced lawyer who knows the ins and outs of single-vehicle car accidents. The Gold Law Firm knows how to identify the causes of such injuries and to hold negligent parties responsible for your losses.

Single-Car Injury Remedies

It may be possible to file a claim against:

  • The maker of the defective car part
  • The county whose highway department neglected to post necessary signs
  • The trucking company that failed to report the spillage
  • The construction company that failed to post warning signs
  • Your own insurance company, for injuries by driveaway drivers

In other words, just because you were alone in the crash, does not mean you are up the creek without a paddle. David Gold can determine what happened, and press the culpable party for damages.

To discuss your single-vehicle accident, call The Gold Law Firm for a no-charge case evaluation at 901-303-8619, toll free at 800-610-9622 — or email us a description of what happened.