Rollover Accidents Are Often Caused By Design Defects

Most accidents are caused by bad driving. Rollover accidents are more often the result of the inability of the vehicle to remain upright taking a curve at even a moderate speed.

These are serious accidents. Injuries can include paralysis, broken backs, multiple broken or crushed bones, amputated limbs, joint injuries and brain damage. Overturned vehicles can ignite gas lines, leading to terrible burns. Drivers and passengers often die in rollovers.

Rollovers typically happen to a small set of popular vehicles styles: SUVs, light pickups and minivans. People enjoy the sportiness and functionality of these vehicles, but manufacturers have not figured out how to make them reliably safe.

For this reason, many car rollover injury cases are product liability cases. Attorney David Gold of The Gold Law Firm in Memphis, TN, is experienced in assessing and litigating defects such as tire blowouts, tread defects, roofs that cave in, unstable chassis and frame design, defective suspension systems, and brake systems that fail at the worst possible moment. These cases often involve air bag or seat belt failure as well.

Drivers and passengers have been injured and killed because of tragically preventable flaws in their vehicles' design and construction.

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