What Is A 'Phantom Accident'?

Phantom accidents don't involve the supernatural. They are the term we use for accidents in which another driver causes you to be injured, but without being aware of it. The other car speeds away, but you are in a ditch, hurting.

You wonder, "How do I get my medical bills paid, if I can't identify the other driver?"

There is a provision for phantom accidents, and it is the same provision for hit-and-run drivers and uninsured motorists. Both Tennessee and Mississippi allow you to file a claim against your own insurance carrier when you are injured in any of these ways.

There is a catch: You must have opted to pay the extra few dollars to carry UM — uninsured motorist coverage. Most people do have this extra coverage and don't even know it.

But — and this is a big but — your claims are likely to be challenged by your insurance company. It may counter that you have no evidence of a second driver in the accident, that you are just an inattentive driver, and you deserve what you got.

Representation For 'Miss-And-Run' Accident Claims

That's why you need an experienced attorney like David Gold on your side, to present evidence that a phantom driver was involved.

Any lawyer can work out a mediocre settlement when clear evidence of negligence exists. It takes a good lawyer to prove you were victimized when the other driver disappears into thin air.

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