Low-Impact Accidents Can result In Serious Injuries

Just because you were in a slow-speed or low-impact accident, it doesn't mean that your injuries are not serious. However, convincing an insurance company that is reluctant to pay for your injuries and damages as well as a jury can be challenging. That doesn't make you any less deserving of compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and emotional distress
  • Physical therapy
  • Long-term care
  • Other hardships

We understand that serious injuries can result from low-speed impacts. We frequently advocate aggressively for injury victims in such cases. In the past 10 years, our firm has represented over 1,600 motor vehicle accident injury victims in Tennessee and northern Mississippi.

The Commitment Of Seasoned, Compassionate Lawyers Guiding Your Case

At The Gold Law Firm, your best interests control the direction of your case. Clients are kept informed throughout the legal process, and we craft customized cases for each of our clients. Our Memphis-based attorneys handle low-impact accident cases throughout the state, and we can maximize your compensation.

DO NOT make any statement to an insurance representative without speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney first. Our attorneys offer free initial consultations.

Establishing The Value Of Your Case

It is important to see a highly qualified medical specialist for detailed diagnosis and treatment of your injuries. It is also important to document the condition of your car after the accident. If you can, take pictures and get contact information from witnesses. DO NOT tell the police officer that you aren't hurt, and DO NOT refuse medical attention.

Our team can help you in virtually any car wreck injury situation:

  • Getting hit in a parking lot
  • Getting rear-ended at a traffic stop
  • Getting hit at an odd angle
  • Getting hit while backing out of your driveway
  • Getting backed into
  • Getting hit by a vehicle that is much heavier than your vehicle (tractor-trailer, big truck or van hitting a car or motorcycle)

Injuries can range from soft tissue injuries to severe spinal cord, back and head injuries. Many rare types of injuries result from low-impact accidents, and getting an expert medical examination is critical.

The insurance companies (both your own and the negligent driver's) will try to minimize the severity of your claim, but we won't let them. They find it hard to believe that accident victims are really injured in low-impact accidents. We will convince them otherwise and aggressively pursue the maximum compensation you deserve.

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