Defending Fellow Attorneys Against Legal Ethics Violation Charges

Tennessee Board Of Professional Responsibility And Board Of Law Examiners Defense

Most attorneys dread getting a cream-colored envelope from either board. It may contain a frivolous allegation, and it may concern a matter more serious.

When an attorney is facing a sanction, it is not recommended that the attorney represent himself or herself. Attorney David Gold has represented attorneys and judges before the Board of Professional Responsibility and the Board of Law Examiners. His experience with hearing panels and with the boards in addition to his experience teaching ethics courses for the Tennessee Lawyers Assistance Program (TLAP) and the Tennessee Bar Association can assist you in your matter.

At The Gold Law Firm in Memphis, David Gold represents attorneys accused of ethical violations from throughout Tennessee. All discussions with Mr. Gold are confidential, and he works in your best interests alone once retained.

Disciplinary Actions You Might Face

Sanctions can range from a private admonition up to disbarment. Before you respond, you should speak with David Gold to discuss your matter confidentially. Many times, there has been a misunderstanding between you and your client (e.g., a fee dispute, which would likely be referred to the Better Business Bureau), or accusations are simply false, but damaging.

Taking Appropriate Defensive Actions

Having an accomplished Tennessee legal malpractice defense attorney represent your ethical violation case before either board shows board members that you take the allegation seriously and that you intend to meet it head-on. Many attorneys ignore correspondence from the boards. That is the worst thing you can do.

We're all human. We're all professionals. Be proactive, and let David Gold help you get back on your feet. You can get through this. David Gold will help you protect your law license and your reputation.

From the date you receive your letter from either board, you have very limited time in which to respond. Failure to respond can result in suspension of your license, even if the allegation against you is false.

If your license has been suspended, call Mr. Gold immediately at 901-303-8619 or 800-610-9622 to petition for a hearing to have the suspension lifted.

David Gold is sensitive to the needs of attorneys facing discipline and understands that there may be external reasons for an attorney's mistake or lapse of judgment. Sometimes, cases may be resolved using a conditional guilty plea (possibly involving a retroactive suspension) and may avoid a hearing.


"I would highly recommend David Gold for a hearing or matter before the Board of Professional Responsibility. David tried my case before a hearing panel, and I was very pleased with the result. After that, David represented me at my reinstatement hearing. The panel agreed that I should be reinstated. I would not be practicing law today if it were not for David Gold." — William M., Memphis

Preparing Your Defense For The Hearing Panel

As long as you cooperate with the board's procedures, there is time for responding to allegations appropriately and investigating the claim independently. Once a hearing panel is assembled and a hearing is scheduled, you will have an objective group of three practicing attorneys to whom your case will be presented. The hearing panel has no knowledge of the background of your case. It is a clean slate for defense.

The board will present the evidence against you. Mr. Gold will present your defense, and each side will have the opportunity to cross-examine witnesses. Mr. Gold can help the hearing panel fully understand your case with the right frame of reference, as compared to past ethical violations by other lawyers in Tennessee.

However, some cases will have better results by avoiding a hearing and accepting a plea bargain. Mr. Gold will help you evaluate your case thoroughly, allowing you to make informed decisions for your future.

Schedule A Meeting With David Gold

If you are facing discipline or are seeking reinstatement, call attorney David Gold. He is ready to help you. Call 901-303-8619 or 800-610-9622 to schedule your consultation, or email us for more information.