Truck Accidents Caused By Unsecured Loads

Whether your vehicle was hit by a falling object, struck by a truck that rolled over or wrecked by you because you had to dodge falling cargo to prevent an even worse highway accident, you should consult an experienced Tennessee personal injury lawyer immediately.

At The Gold Law Firm, we can help you get high-quality medical care that you need for proper diagnosis and treatment of injuries, and we can fight for the full compensation that you rightly deserve.

There are many circumstances in which your insurance company or the trucking company's insurance company (if you're able to prove the truck caused your accident) will make diminishing the value of your claim the top goal. Your own insurance company might even deny your claim!

Insurance companies have no interest in establishing the full value of your case, and their interests will never align with your interests. You need an advocate to champion your case and guide you through the complex systems of securing insurance recovery and legal recourse.

Don't Settle For Minimal Insurance Company Settlement Offers - Get Legal!

Our Memphis-based attorneys handle unsecured truck load cases throughout Tennessee and northern Mississippi, and we have handled numerous tractor-trailer accident cases. In most cases, insurance companies offer a tempting settlement that only covers some of your expenses, not accounting for much of the long term and likely coming up short in many areas. In an unsecured cargo case, you might get even less from an initial insurance company offer.

Representation from a seasoned and proven personal injury litigator is critical to your recovery. We don't let you get shortchanged.

What We Offer

We advocate for your best interests from wreck to Check™. We fight for full compensation of your medical expenses, lost wages, emotional pain and suffering, rehabilitation, long-term care and other hardships.

Our team collaborates with experts in the fields of accident reconstruction, medicine and the trucking industry. We are committed to your full and fair recovery, and we handle all legal aspects of your case with reliable, responsive and attentive representation.

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