Bus Accident Lawyer For Memphis

In the aftermath of a bus accident, families need time to heal. Unfortunately, the bus company may not give you that time. In the aftermath of a serious accident, it may be doing everything it can to shield itself from liability.

At The Gold Law Firm in Memphis, our lawyers have the experience to collect and preserve the evidence we need to hold negligent bus companies and their insurers accountable for everything you have lost. Our lawyers handle cases against national bus lines such as Greyhound, school buses, church buses, private charter companies, gambling buses and other operators. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

There are many reasons why it's important to contact an attorney as soon as possible after a bus accident:

  • Bus operators are subject to safety regulations that drivers of private vehicles are not. Our lawyers will act promptly to uncover safety violations.
  • Over time, companies can lose or destroy records of bus maintenance, the driver's hours in service and other information that may be important in establishing liability. Our lawyers will preserve that information.
  • Some small bus charter companies may go out of business and reincorporate under a different name. Our attorneys will trace ownership and responsibility for your losses.
  • Bus companies in Tennessee are required to carry substantial insurance policies, but if many passengers were injured, the insurance money could run out. Injured passengers who are late in filing claims may lose out.

Bus drivers have a legal duty to drive safely. But with demanding schedules and long hours, some drivers take shortcuts. Our lawyers will investigate the driver's background to find out if he or she has a history of accidents and is qualified to operate a bus.

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