Air Bag Injuries

When an air bag deploys, it moves at speeds approaching 100 miles per hour and is often coated with dust or chemicals. While air bags undeniably save lives, it is easy to see how they can cause serious injuries as well.

At The Gold Law Firm in Memphis, we handle a broad range of car wreck injury claims, including those involving air bag injuries. Our experienced trial lawyers are well-versed in the causes of air bag deployment injuries and can help you pursue maximum compensation for the losses you have suffered.

Causes Of Air Bag Injuries

There are many ways in which air bags can cause car wreck injuries. Some common causes of air bag injuries include:

  • The force of the air bag causing injuries to the jaw, teeth, tongue, nose, eyes and throat
  • Dust from air bags causing eye injuries
  • Wrist injuries caused by the deploying air bag
  • Burns and abrasions caused by contact with the air bag

Air bag injuries can occur in any car, but older cars in which the air bag has never been deployed are especially prone to causing injuries.

We conduct thorough investigations of car wreck cases to determine who was at fault and how his or her negligence contributed to your injury. We will aggressively pursue the facts to determine who caused your air bag injury and what you need to rebuild your life after this accident.

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