What Business Are Insurance Companies Really In?

Going by their TV commercials, you would think insurance companies are committed first and foremost to helping out clients when they run into trouble.

The good-hands people.

Like a good neighbor.

The no-problem people.

On your side.

Of course, they're pulling your leg. Their business isn't paying out money. It's taking in money, in the form of monthly premiums. If they pay out more than they take in, they go out of business. So their No. 1 loyalty is to their investors. You, the injured policyholder, can never be No. 1.

In reality, insurance companies are obliged to shortchange you in order to please their investors. That's why they drag out the legal process. That's why they dismiss your injuries as minor or fake. That's why they tell you that your injuries are not covered under the policy.

We're Not Here To Pick On Insurance Companies

We're here to get past the lowball offers and delays, and get to what matters most: proper compensation for the injuries you suffered.

Insurance company lawyers know The Gold Law Firm. They know our record of success, and they may have felt the sting of paying out more than they wanted to pay out. But they are not going to get their way with your case, with your injuries.

They'll have to wait for the next chance — and a different law firm.

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