David Gold Is Ready To Take Every Case To Trial

Attorneys To Avoid

If you are an injury lawyer without experience, you will steer clear of trials. Trials are a good way to get beaten, cost time and money, and expose your lack of skills to the world.

Many of the car accident attorneys you see advertising from billboards and the sides of buses have no trial experience at all. Their firms are really just clearinghouses for down-and-dirty claims. They take on a lot of cases, and process them in wholesale fashion. That's how they've chosen to do business — mediocre representation in large numbers.

Attorneys To Seek Out

The best personal injury lawyers are unafraid of going up against the other side in a trial. David Gold has won many positive verdicts from juries. This track record has been invaluable in arriving at strong settlements outside the courtroom.

The other side knows David Gold has skills. So they choose to settle. And they settle at a much higher level than they would.

Check These Out

Need proof of our success? Take a look at this long lineup of actual checks we have received from insurance companies.

Our firm is up on the law, up on precedents relevant to your case and eager to arrive at the highest possible number in resolving your injury claim.

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